best place to mine fel iron cata

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    Comment by allidon I found the best place to mine fel iron is around the dark portal. there are no mobs and plenty of mines, probably about 8 to 10 mines when

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    Comment by Aguran For some easy leveling of mining in the Outlands, there are several nodes of Fel Iron Ore behind the Dark Portal to the Northeast, East and Southeast.

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  • Fel Iron Ore farming – Best places to farm Fel Iron

    This Fel Iron Ore farming guide will show you the best place for mining Fel Iron Ore. It’s recommended to have Mining skill 275 before you start farming, so you won’t

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    This Leegion Mining Guide will help you to level your Mining skill up from 1 to 800. Mining Leveling Guide with maps and best farming routes.

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    Updated for patch 4.3. Titanium Ore is the high end minerales that is mined in Wrath of the Lich King. It requires 450 skill to mine and titanium can only be found in

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    WoW Mining Guide 1-525 Leveling | Mining Guide 1-70 – Apprentice Mining Now that all the prep is out of the way, learn Apprentice Mining for your primary profession.

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    Comentario de Nepturion Skilling from 450 to 525! This is pretty hard if your not a miner.. i had 1300 of every wotlk ores, primals and good amount of gold before Cata.