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  • Feldspar, aluminium and silica – LKAB Minerals

    Feldspar. Feldspar is the minerales name given to a group of minerals distinguished by the presence of aluminum (Al) and silica (SiO 4) in their chemistry.


    Glass is completely a vitrified product which has no definite composition. The major ingredients form over 90% of all types of glasses are Lime (CaCO 3), Sand (SiO 2

  • Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC

    EUROPEAN COMMISSION Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Reference Document on Best Available Techniques in the Glass Manufacturing Industry

  •   2009-7-31

  • Why Recycle Glass? | Glass Packaging Institute

    Recycling glass is easy, and glass containers returned for recycling help to make new glass bottles and jars. Recycling glass has big environmental pay offs.


    Indian Tableware Industry • First ever tableware was the green clayware. • On invention of Fire – fired clayware was made. • The first unit in India was

  •   2012-12-2

  • How marbles is made – making, history, used,

    Marbles are small, round, spherical objects made from glass or stone and most commonly used in children’s games. They are usually less than an inch (2.54 cm

  • Calcined Kaolin (calcined clay) | Imerys

    Exceptional Matting for Smooth Surface Paints OpTiMat™ matting agents are the leading products in the decorative industry. OpTiMat™ matting agents exhibit unique

  • 2013-6-17

  • May 2017 Issue | Ceramics Industry – Ceramic

    The May 2017 issue of Ceramics Industry includes our 2017 Supplier of the Year winner as well as articles on additive manufacturing, machining ceramics, powder

  • Industrial Minerals. From Stock or Special Order –

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  • Jordan Industry Sectors | Economy Watch

    Telecoms and IT: Jordan’s billion-dollar telecommunications industry contributes a significant share to the nation’s economic growth. On an average, it generates

  • 2017-5-11